Surface Coating

Innovative Products and Services for the Anticorrosive Coating Industry

As a company committed to the industrial coating field, Tecno Supply – Division of IBIX Srl ensures the best Flame Spray Coating Equipment for anti-corrosion protection. 

Spartacus Oil & Gas, Hercules and Gladiator Omnicoater represents the most efficient technology to prevent surface corrosion by applying eco-friendly thermoplastic coating systems on site on different structures and surfaces.

Compact, portable and easy to use systems, designed to apply various thickness coatings (2 to 12 mm) thanks to three application gun sizes with different flow rates.

By applying selected powder grades – such as PolyHotCote, Polyfusion, PP, PE, etc. – IBIX - Tecno Supply’s Flame Spray Systems provide a eco-friendly, long lasting and exceptionally uniform coating, approved for contact with food and drinking water and for both internal and external environments in any weather conditions – resistance to UV rays, salt spray, water, air and chemical pollutants in general, etc.


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