Innovative Products and Services for the Anticorrosive Coating Industry

Who is Tecno Supply?

Tecno Supply is the IBIX Srl Division committed to the industrial coating and anti-corrosion protection fields with a proactive approach and a remarkable customer-oriented approach that offer high quality products. Efficiency, Innovation, Reliability and Ability to provide dedicated solutions are essential values which should be part of every business and which led Tecno Supply to be a responsive company to its customers’ needs and to its services’ efficiency.

Tecno Supply was born in 2000 as a challenge to the market, driven by founding members Caterina and Susanna Giovannini.

Our Team

Experience, knowledge and versatility of our technicians ensure continuous assistance and the possibility of developing custom solutions based on the user’s specific needs.

Our Technology

Thanks to its advanced technology, world-renowned for its versatile, eco-friendly and innovative solutions for the industrial coating and anti-corrosion protection fields, Tecno Supply provides experience and expertise in the field of surface treatment systems and environmentally friendly products for anti-corrosive coatings.

Sales Network

Today, Tecno Supply is all around the world, through an International Sales Network with important business partners in several Countries such as North America, Chile, Brazil, Saudi Arabia and GCC Countries, India, South Korea, Malaysia, Australia, etc. sharing the same commitment and entrepreneurial view. The emphasis on products and services, as well as the unfailing quest to find new solutions, make Tecno Supply the perfect partner to obtain good results in the industrial coating and anti-corrosion protection fields.


To be leader in the industrial surface treatment field; to propose machines that comply with our ideals of effectiveness, simplicity, ecology and safety; the continuous pursuit of improvement and innovation, in order to ensure the best products only.


The professional philosophy of Tecno Supply is focused on being a reliable and engaged supplier for its customers, as well as an open and cooperative partner in the view of a mutual qualitative improvement.

Innovation is the core of the Tecno Supply project; our purpose is to create new and revolutionary products.

Expertise, the approach and availability of our technicians and professionals are the values that we want to share with our customers.