Thermoplastic Flame Spray Coating of Concrete

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Thermoplastic Flame Spray Coating of Concrete Substrates

Thanks to its anti-osmotic properties and protection against external agents, Polyfusion is the perfect thermoplastic coating system for concrete surfaces and other porous substrates.

General Characteristics

While traditional coating resins such as polyureas and epoxies do not guarantee any long-lasting protection neither do they ensure any anti-osmotic or anti-corrosive properties, Polyfusion System is resistant to penetration of liquids and to external agents (i.e. chemicals, adverse weather conditions, UV rays, stains, etc.) and to abrasion, peeling, cracking and other signs of deterioration. Polyfusion can also be used at low temperature (-50°C) still maintaining remarkable elastic properties; it ensures excellent adhesion, easy repairability if accidentally damaged and a smooth, colourful and uniform appearance which will last for many years to come.

Find out more about the pdf Comparison of PU systems Vs the Polyfusion System (350 KB) .

Application Method and Procedure 

Polyfusion is commonly applied through the Flame Spraying method using special coating applicators developed by IBIX Srl - Tecno Supply, such as HERCULES Flame Spray System.

Please, refer to the pdf Scope of Work (229 KB)  sheet for further information about the application procedure.

To find out more about Polyfusion General Features, have a look at the Polyfusion Product Page and at the  pdf Polyfusion Technical Datasheet (231 KB)


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