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Automation in Flame Spraying for the Oil & Gas Industry – Bends, Buckle Arrestors and Field Joints.

Tecno Supply – Division of IBIX Srl is the first manufacturer that designed automated flame spraying systems. Indeed, the flame spray coating process can be automated, for example for buckle arrestors, field joints and bends.

The automation in flame spraying for the Oil & Gas Industry provides many benefits:

  • It eliminates the “human” factor;
  • It offers consistency and repeatibility;
  • Safety;
  • Homogeneous coating;
  • Speed;
  • Perfectly smooth coating with even coverage on pipes, bends, BA’s, of different sizes, perfectly molten even with very thick coatings.

PLC & Electric Cabinet

The PLC and electric controls will allow the following functions:

  • Automatic Powder ON-OFF switching;
  • Automatic Flame ON-OFF switching;
  • Automatic Flame setting to the operational mode;
  • Flame Out Safeties featuring flame present photocells;
  • Low Powder alarm system;
  • A no. of coating programs can be stored.


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