Thermoplastic coating powders

Plascoat thermoplastic powders are easy to use and can be applied using the equipment you already have.

Electrostatic spray / Powder coating (ES)

Plascoat electrostatic range of cryogenically-ground powders are fine enough to be electrically charged and sprayed on to earthed metal items. The metal items are then placed in an industrial oven and heated until the powder melts. The item is then cooled to leave a high quality plastic coating.

Fluidised bed coating (FB)

Plascoat fluidised bed powders behave like a liquid when pressurized air is allowed to bubble up through it. A metal item, heated to the correct temperature, is then completely immersed into this fluidised bed. The powder melts on contact with the metal and the item is then lifted out of the fluidised bed. The item is then cooled to leave a high quality plastic coating.

Flock spraying / Spray lining (FS)

Uncharged powder is blown onto the hot metal item where it melts to form a coating. The item is then left to cool to leave a good quality plastic coating.

Flame spraying (FLS)

Uncharged powder is blown inside a flame onto a pre-heated metal item. The powder melts on transit from the application gun to the metal surface and forms a solid coating as the metal item cools down. This is suitable for on-site coating or repairs.

Extrusion (XT)

Metal wire is passed through a body of molten plastic. The wire is then allowed to cool to leave a continuous protective coating.

Spin coating / Roto-lining (RL)

The object that requires coating, typically a bottle or cylinder, is heated up to the desired temperature. Fluidised bed powder is then injected into the object. The object is then immediately spun and tumbled to give a complete and consistent coating inside the bottle. Any unused powder is then tipped out of the object.



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